7 great reasons to share a bed

February is known for horrible weather, but at least two good things come out of it: the chance to gorge on pancakes and, of course, Valentine’s Day. So this month we thought we’d give our blog a romantic theme and entertain you with a few facts and figures about sharing a bed.

Did you know…

  • sleeping next to your loved one may be good for your heart. Research conducted by the University of Pittsburgh in the US suggests that co-sleeping may help to lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol while boosting levels of anxiety-reducing oxytocin – and lower stress levels mean a lower risk of developing heart disease and a range of other chronic illnesses.
  • sharing a bed with your spouse seems to aid good-quality sleep. 82% of respondents in a Sleep Council study who reported sleeping very well “always” share a bed, while 17% of poor sleepers sleep alone.
  • women in stable relationships fall asleep more quickly, and wake up less frequently during the night, than single women, according to a 2009 US sleep study.
  • UK research shows that your sleeping position next to your partner can affect your day to day relationship. Couples who sleep less than 1 inch apart are happier than those with a gap of more than 30 inches.
  • the nation’s favourite snuggling positions are… back to back (42%), facing the same direction (31%), facing each other (4%).
  • married couples seem more willing to invest in a comfortable bed, according to a survey by The Sleep Council. More than a quarter of married couples (27%) spend £400-£599 on their bed, while singles tend to spend around one third of that amount.
  • According to experts from Wilkes University in Pennsylvania, couples who have regular cuddles in bed have higher chances of fighting the flu or common colds because they release more antibodies that make their body healthier.

Whether the clear health and psychological benefits of bed sharing compensate for the nightly duvet-hogging and the snoring is a matter of personal opinion. One thing’s for sure, though: if you want to keep your relationship on track, quality sleep seems to be essential, and that all starts with a comfy bed – exactly what H Living specializes in. Check out our full range of adult beds here.