Bunk beds with benefits

The ultimate space-saving sleep solution, bunk beds are enormous fun for young children, when sharing a room means having a permanent playtime buddy and nighttime is about getting up to mischief rather than sleeping. But inevitably there comes a time when privacy issues and arguments about who gets the top bunk mean that siblings need their own separate spaces – whether that means a whole room to themselves or just a bed to call their own.

The good news is that with one of our convertible bunk beds, giving children a space of their own needn’t involve any financial outlay – just a little DIY effort. Our Oliver wooden bunk bed, for example, is a classic design that’s tough enough to withstand the wear and tear that small children will inevitably inflict on it, but it can be easily split into two singles when the need arises, creating a far more ‘grown up’ look that older kids will love. With each separate bed featuring a strong slatted base and sturdy construction that ensures it will last for years to come, the Oliver has been rigorously tested to ensure it conforms to EN747 1-2 safety standards, offering complete peace of mind, and comes in two neutral finishes – a crisp white or warm grey – that tone with almost any bedroom scheme.

Want to see more Hyder convertible children’s beds? Check out our white-painted Colonial bunk with its gorgeous panelled detailing, or our Seattle metal bunk, ideal if you’re a fan of the industrial look. Strong, safe and functional, these beds offer fantastic value for money – a fact we take into account here at Hyder when we’re designing children’s beds, because as every parent knows, the bigger kids get, the more your bank balance tends to shrink!