Why headboards and footboards matter

The headboard and footboard on a bed once served very practical purposes, insulating the sleeper from cold draughts and preventing sheets and blankets from sliding off the bed. However, as time has gone on (and we’ve embraced modern duvets) their purpose has become largely aesthetic.

That’s not to say headboards and footboards are an afterthought. At Hyder, the look of our beds is as important to us as their quality and performance, which is why produce designs with very different combinations of headboards and footboards to suit a range of room sizes and styles, allowing you to create very different visual effects. To give three examples…

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High headboard, high footboard

Beds with tall headboards and footboards make fabulous focal points in larger rooms, creating a sense of grandeur and French-chateau chic. Our Copenhagen Grey bed – upholstered in a luxe silver velvet-style fabric – is a wonderful example of the look, and features an elegant winged headboard matched with a similarly curved footboard that combine to give the sleeper a sense of being enveloped and cocooned.

Low headboard, low footboard

As a general rule, the lower the headboard and footboard, the more contemporary a bed will look. Our Renee bed has simple, clean lines and a pared-back aesthetic and would work brilliantly as part of a minimalist or mid-century modern scheme, while its lack of height makes it an ideal choice if you want to maximise the sense of space in a tiny room.

Medium headboard, no footboard

The Windermere is a stylish blend of old and new. The gently shaped solid oak headboard and carved wooden feet are historic touches, but the lack of footboard and on-trend buff linen upholstery give the final design a fresh, modern feel. It’s an ideal choice if you love contemporary style but, as a bedtime bookworm, you need a high-ish headboard to lean against while you read.

Of course, you might prefer the look of a decorative metal headboard, or the classic look of slatted wood. With Hyder offering such a wide range of beds, you’re spoilt for choice.