Open Coil Traditional Mattress

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The Traditional Open Coil Mattress, a timeless choice for those seeking reliable comfort and support. Designed with quality and longevity in mind, this mattress offers a classic feel combined with modern eco-friendly materials. This mattress offers the best of both worlds: timeless comfort and sustainable design. Invest in a mattress that combines traditional craftsmanship with modern features for a truly exceptional sleep experience.

  • 13.5 Open Coil Bonnell Spring
  • Eco Flex mixed polyester spring insulator
  • White fibre comfort layer which is 100% Polyester
  • Dual sided mattress
  • Quilted Border
  • Hand tufted to provide consistent support
  • Medium Firmness
  • Wire frame providing edge to edge support
  • Hypoallergenic Panel fabric
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The Traditional Open Coil mattress is a timeless choice for those wanting reliable comfort and support. Experience the perfect blend of traditional craftsmanship and sustainable design for a truly exceptional sleep experience. This mattress is built with an open coil bonnell spring unit which provides support and allows movement across the full mattress surface and allows the air to flow through.

One of the standout features of this mattress is its dual-sided design. This means that you can flip and rotate the mattress regularly, prolonging its lifespan and maintaining its shape and support. By evenly distributing the wear and tear, you can enjoy the benefits of this mattress for years to come. Hand tufting is a meticulous technique used to provide consistent support throughout the mattress. Each tuft is carefully applied by hand, securing the layers of the mattress and preventing them from shifting or sagging over time. This ensures that you receive reliable support and comfort every night.

With a medium firmness level, this mattress strikes the perfect balance between support and cushioning. It offers a comfortable sleep surface that caters to a wide range of preferences, making it an excellent choice for various sleepers. To provide edge-to-edge support and maximize the usable sleep surface, this mattress is equipped with a wire frame. The wire frame reinforces the edges of the mattress, preventing sagging and ensuring that you can utilize the entire surface area without compromising on support.

Lead time:

The lead time for this order from date of ordering is roughly 2-3 weeks. Once your order is due for despatch we will contact you to confirm. Further delivery details will be provided when your order has been processed.

Mattress Measurements:


192cm x 92cm x 20cm

Small Double

192cm x 122cm x 20cm


192cm x 137cm  20cm

King Size

202cm x 152cm x 20cm

Super King

202cm x 182cm x 20cm

Mattress Weights

Single = 15kg

Small Double = 20kg

Double = 22kg

King Size = 26kg

Super king = 33kg

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